Torquay Village Gather

Torquay Village Gather

$89.00 AUD

Beautiful company, delicious food, yoga and meditation, and sharing rich conversations. 

No whiteboards or power points - no gurus, no agendas!

Sound fun?

We are excited to be coming to an Earthess's home near you. Yep! In every place we visit, an Earthess is opening up their home for us all to gather. 

Our first stop will be in Torquay, Victoria where the beautiful Amy and Tracy from Hello Fred, will be greeting you at the door and welcoming you inside along with Sophia from Be Kind Studio and our very own Jess from HQ. 

We'll have 4 hours together to..

  • Open up conversations around heart felt business and what that means for all of us
  • Soak up each other's company and share hearty conversations about whatever's on our hearts
  • Move our bodies with a yoga class and meditation led by the gorgeous Sophia from Be Kind Studio
  • Enjoy a delicious vegetarian Love My Earth banquet lovingly prepared by Jess
  • Learn more about The Earthess Co, our evolution and vision

    We only have 16 places available for this village gather. If you're excited to gather with fellow Earthess's right in your hometown, grab your ticket, tell a friend and get excited for a fun day together. 

    Our village is a real life village. We have an online home for connecting between countries, but this day is all about real life gathering. 

    We are so excited to be able to squeeze you in person soon!



    Date: Saturday 29th June
    Time: 11am to 3pm

    The address of the event will be sent to you closer to the date.