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Peta Kelly sitting in lush garden
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Come to 1, 2 or all 3 days.

November 20, 21, 22 Sydney Australia

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Day 1


Velvet lounge discussions that nourish your Soul and business.
Scones. Hearty Lunch. Togetherness.

With Peta Kelly and guests
( Super wise, but hilariously raw Earthess guests… one who will almost definitely be wearing velvet pants).

A beautiful hearty gathering for the Earthess and Earthess Padre’. A place for the creative business nourishers to come and be nourished.

Hearty, beautiful, luxurious and with a swig of hilariousness-- in true Earthess fashion.

  • Conversations about 5D business and a new way of living... on Velvet lounges
  • A theme of ecstatic, peaceful business and upgrading your everyday.
  • A home cooked lunch we will share together.
  • Carole’s famous home made Scones in the afternoon.
  • Adaptogen elixir on hand for a smooch for your nervous system
  • Indigenous Music and reverence. Oka playing live music!
  • Babies allowed, breastfeeding too of course.

For you if you:

  • Want to upgrade your everyday
  • Want to effortlessly clear out the misinterpretations in your cells stopping you from feeling light in business.
  • Are desiring a conversation beyond the mechanical aspects of business and one that upgrades the culture, peacefulness, alignment and ecstasy of your business.
  • Work with a chief entity whether it be art or business
  • Want to become a more vibrant, aligned circulator of money
  • Want to simplify and recalibrate your ‘schedule’ and projects, release what’s no longer of value and enter alignment 3.0 (Simple Sovereignty)
  • Want business and creativity to feel better than ever
  • Crave slower, simpler, softer but more abundant and peaceful.
  • Are familiar with, or intrigued by the new 5D frequencies in which we can live and play in
  • Are living or wanting to live the deliciousness of BOTH--- Both potent parenting + business badassery. Both peaceful heart and potent business. Both aligned abundance
  • Are feeling a bit beyond the conversation of ‘more profit’ and just want to settle into an aligned, peaceful abundance.
  • Truly want to play in unity consciousness and are over the heaviness of competition and ‘worry’.
  • Love listening to PK and friends let rip from the heart.
Peta kelly in lush garden

Earthess Nourish Day 1

Get your pass for Day 1 - $299

Day 2


Network marketing in the new paradigm.
Hearty lunch, connection, play, newness.

A few hours of education and exploration followed by plenty of time for connection and play
(Not a packed agenda)

With Peta Kelly and special guests:
Dee Light and Clive Newland
PK’s lounge discussion with Earthesses in network marketing

Discussion, followed by:
a slow lunch together Samba dancing to move our hot hips plenty of time after for a cuppa and a chin wag.

Quote - never under estimate the power of a cup of tea

We’ll discuss:

  • Network marketing in the new paradigm.
  • Upgrading your everyday and bringing heartiness back into network marketing and all business.

For you if:

  • You’re in network marketing and want to be part of a community who supports each other in their pursuits, regardless of company.
  • You’d like to learn how to offer hearty gatherings to your business or community

Earthess Nourish Day 2

Get your pass for Day 2 - $199

Day 3


Nothing to do-- just time to open up and receive. A full immersive Sound healing experience

KAKAO Ceremony

VIBE: Sacred, expressive, release, heart wide open, deep connection

The full experience.

  • You, lying down with a didgeridoo being played over your heart
  • An extended community gathering
  • Experience how to lead your own gathering
  • Time afterwards for sharing, expression and QnA
  • Home made lunch afterwards for grounding and connection
  • Sound healing from Timmy
  • Whether you want to learn more about cermeony, and how to implement a gathering OR if you just want to come, lie down and receive.
  • NOTE:
    Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat - or atleast a towel/blanket, bring full water bottle & come hydrated.
    Enter: 945am
    KAKAO & Sound Healing: 10am-1PM
    Lunch: 1-145pm
    Workshop and Q&A: 145-330pm

Earthess Nourish Day 3

Get your pass for Day 3 - $179

Earthess Nourish Fiesta Logo

Come to 1, 2 or all 3 days.

November 20, 21, 22
Sydney Australia


Payment Plan only available for "All Days" Option

The Earthess pricing policy

Nothing The Earthess Co does is cheap. We’re qualitarians and you deserve to be too. Our team are all jeaniius’ in their area, with beautiful families to feed, art to create and lives to nourish. We are as committed to nourishing them as we are to nourishing you. This is a lush, hearty, quality entity and not one that is trying to compete with a busy marketplace. We circulate money in a way that nourishes and upgrades our community and the initiatives we believe will make it more beautiful for our children. The Earthess Co knows her worth, and her willingness to claim it is important for you to see. Any investment you make with The Earthess Co is like the vintage glow mesh purse you buy from the Bondi market- the one your Soul made you buy and that you cant let go of no matter how ruthless you get with your wardrobe clean out. Any investment you make with the Earthess Co, is not disposable- it’s pure quality, heartiness, integrity and LUXURY. We won’t ever manipulate you into buying, we create only with full reverence for your brilliant intuition in mind. This is an entity who wants to nourish you and your life, more than anyone expects Her to. Money is our team mate and we receive and circulate it with full appreciation, and zero guilt. We won’t ever undervalue or discount our offerings because we don’t undervalue you. Higher, let’s go higher. XX