The Earthess Co is a hearty, nourishing, delicious and beautiful space for the Earthesses of the world to play.

We are a global community - Earthesshood.
Hub for craft-ess-ship - Emporium.
Place of connecting and downloading - Gather.
Giving back - Sols Friends.

Meet the Earthess HQ Team :)

Peta Kelly, aka Pk.


Closet comedian.
Channel for art, words & rad entities.
Mama & Wife.
My Book : Earth Is Hiring

My website :

My Market place :

Jess Holdsworth


Dedicated to new high vibing and effortless ways of doing business.

Business for me is like conducting an orchestra or a painting a beautiful piece of art.

I can see all the musicians and I bring them together to make magic happen.

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    You will also find me in the kitchen cooking a storm most likely with a glass of red in hand.
    Preparing food and sharing with people is my gift and I believe it brings people together.
    I love using local produce mixed with my love for spices.
    I don’t follow any rules or regulations when it comes to living, I just do what feels right for me with everything I do.
    I’m flexible and always keep an open mind ready to receive whatever the universe wants to share with me.
    I LOVE walking on the beach with my partner Bel (cheesy but true),
    writing whatever comes through me - usually poetry or recipes :-),
    long baths with flower petals, surfing (I have been learning for 10 yrs:-) ,
    shopping at the markets,
    eating ridiculously good food of all kinds,
    experiencing new places and faces, camping, cooking under the stars and lux locations( I will share a funny story about that one day )
    and I love a good movie night with dark chocolate with a blanket pulled up over me.

    Oh, and I love foraging in places I visit for plants & weeds, making weird and wonderful potions to try out on friends and family.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all

    Jess xx

Cleo Inacio

Creative Directress

Im Cleo :D

Champion Bird whistler in the making.
Kinda funny, kinda awkward
Pretty airy & chilled Gemini that likes ample grounding from my moon sign - good ol Cap.
You might find me in the depths of the web - still dono what a tesseract is...

I channel Jeaniius for The Earthess Co...

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    I'm gonna do a video on my role here at The Earthess Co,
    cos I want Earthesses to get a glimpse on how a Creative Directress serves a 5D Entity.
    Il link it here when its done :D
    But basically, I craft visual representations of ideas in ways that connect with Earthesses on a deep level.

    More About me
    Im on a constant adventure.
    Im super spontaneous, in the best way.
    I think in pictures and not words.
    I love technology, alot.
    I love theories and concepts that stretch beyond the known.

    I loooove exploring forests and mountains with my lover Braedon, and road trips - best memories.

    I'm completely whipped for my family lol. They are the absolute foundation of my entire being.
    Will it be lame to do a shoutout haha... Love you Mom, Dono, Ouma, Oupa, Raquel, and Hannah!

Alice Boyd

Thriving Community Chiefess

To nurture, enrich and gate-keep our space

To uncover and expose rare gems to the Earthess Community in the form of Wonderfully Wise Women to share their Wisdom and Beautifully Curated Artisan Products

A bit about me...

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    A bit about me...

    I'm a ma of 2 (Otis who's a bit over 2 and Navy who's a bit under 1)
    I'm wife of my souly, Rusty. He is a geologist and is literally my ROCK
    We live in a home among the gum trees (with lots of plum trees)
    and I'm reaaaaaally at home in my kitchen... making somethin' with those plums!
    I'm a hard-out Craft Time Lover
    so chances are if I'm not elbow deep in creating some form of 'edible art', I'm elbow deep in clay

    My life ambition - to inspire the weaving of craft-time back into the life of every woman.... coz if there's one thing i know... when we are creative with our hands and our hearts, magic happens

    Looking forward to meeting you all sometime soon -hopefully in the flesh :)

    Al x

wonderlifecollection coming soon