Meet the Maker of the Handmade Felt Hat


Meet Kate
Maker of the Handmade Felt Hat

Sick of seeing the same, cheaply made, mass produced felt hats available – Dohey & Goods was started by Kate Doherty - a company making unique, one of a kind, handmade hats.

Kate learnt the traditional techniques and skills of Millinery at Melbourne Fashion Institute in 2015 and has continued to grow her skillset by completing further studies in Applied Fashion Design & Visual Merchandising and Graphic Design.

The idea behind Dohey & Goods was to purchase a hat that would be with you forever, something to treasure and take on any adventure– not just another throwaway item produced by the fast fashion industry. All the textiles & materials used are of the highest quality and sourced from across the globe from Australia to Greece.

Each hat is made exclusively by Kate in her home studio on the Sunshine Coast. Each hat is shaped by hand and steam, sewn with intricacy and care and trimmed with locally , ethically sourced feathers.

No two hats are ever the same. 

The process is in parts, it begins with the steaming of the felt - this helps make the felt more pliable to work with. Kate then uses a wooden hat block and hand shapes the hat into the desired size. Blocking is her favourite part of the process. She then lets the felt dry out on the block, and while this is happening gets started on the leather bands, feathers and material inlays.

Every aspect and every minor detail on the hat is handmade. Whenever she finishes a hat in my studio, she runs upstairs to show her boyfriend - she is always so proud of her work and loves having the ability for her client’s ideas to come to life. 

Kate’s favourite part about the whole process is seeing people's photos and messages about their hats - it truly does make her day. That goes across the board with all small business owners - it's such a pleasure to get to know your client and seeing them love something you're creating is just such a great feeling. 

You can find the felt hat here.

Bronte Jones