Meet the Maker of the Handmade Aprons


Meet Carole and Kerrie
Makers of the Handmade Aprons

Every product has a story.

My love of aprons has grown from my childhood memories of love, nourishment, security and respect of the way my mother went about to her home duties with so much pride and enjoyment.

Mum had several aprons that hung behind the kitchen and laundry door. She also had one in the linen cupboard which was her special apron that had been starched and beautifully ironed for special occasions.

I remember mum powdering her nose, little bit of lippy and a fresh apron from the linen cupboard to greet my dad on his arrival home from work.

The Apron then became my connection and reminder to appreciate even the simplest of tasks and that they can feel good with the right intentions.

That has made my connection to the apron one of love for being feminine in every role I undertake.

I have collected aprons all throughout my life and I truly love wearing them. They have become a fun talking point when having guests over for my dinner parties. My daughter Kerrie is a fine seamstress, Samantha and Jessica have a flair with fashion and all have a proud story they love to share about Mum's Apron Collection.

We have worked together to create Carole’s collection of Earthess aprons to share our love of the feminine. Each apron reflects my love for fine handmade goods and fabrics. Each is a one off creation designed by me and lovingly cut and sewn by my daughter Kerrie. They are created as pieces to add a little bit of luxe to everyday life.

I know you will love wearing them as much I as I do.

Carole xxx

You can find the range of aprons here.

Bronte Jones