Meet the Maker of the Smudge Sticks


Meet Fiona
Maker of the Smudge Sticks

Hello, I’m Fi.

I am a creator, an intuitive energy worker, a mum to 3 sons and life partner to an amazing man living life and doing my soul’s work from my home studio on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. 

Everything that I create channels through from spirit into the physical to assist the people that resonate with my offerings to connect deeply within and remember their magic and also connect with our beautiful planet. 

I am passionate about sustainably and ethically sourced products and that’s why it is so important to me to source all of the components that make up my smudge sticks from local small businesses that care about the environment. 

Much love and my highest intentions are weaved into each smudge stick that I bind together to assist you to clear, cleanse and raise the vibration of you and your home. 

They contain Organic White Sage and Dried Lavender, I also wrap a Clear Quartz Crystal onto each smudge stick as Clear Quartz is a master crystal. 

Clear Quartz works with the chakras (energy centres) of the body and acts as an amplifier of energy for you and your intentions while you are smudging your home. 

Once you have used your smudge stick you can place your crystal somewhere special in your home.  

The smoke from a range of medicinal plants have been used by indigenous and ancient cultures from around the world for ceremonial and cleansing purposes for thousands of years.  

I love to offer my smudge sticks as a beautiful and powerful way to bring ceremony, cleansing and clearing into your home whilst raising you and your home’s vibration. 

Suggestions on when to smudge...

  • Moving into a new home

  • New Moon

  • Full Moon 

  • New Year

  • Any kind of ceremony

  • After there has been any tension, stress or heaviness in your home.

  • Whenever you feel to!

You can find the smudge sticks here.

Bronte Jones