Our doors are open


The doors are open!
The Earthess Co Village App

Happy days here at HQ. We’ve been looking forward to this announcement for a long time!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
We’re excited to reveal that the doors to our very special Earthess Co Village App are now open and welcoming new beauties.

The team have poured so much love and thought into creating a cosy, hearty, supportive and safe place for you all to relax and play in.⁣

This Village is your place to share your images, thoughts, questions and those rich conversations you can't have anywhere else. Come join us, say hi, grab a cuppa and get comfy in your new online home.

Thank you to the heart behind it all Peta Kelly for birthing this amazing vision ‘The Earthess Co’, and making this all possible to flourish and grow, and most importantly, bringing the hearty back and creating a space that brings women together from all across the globe.⁣⁣ Special thanks also to Michaela, Alice & Allira for their effort, love and energy.

Thank you for your support and love throughout this journey, we are so grateful for this community of women. ⁣

For those of you who are called to join us
you can find out more here.

Jessica Holdsworth