Poppy - Carole's Handmade Apron

Poppy - Carole's Handmade Apron


Meet Poppy.

A bright lined pocket sets off the beautiful floral print beautifully with a reversible natural side.

One of a kind handmade apron by Carole.

Each apron is unique and there are no replicas.

Each apron has been lovingly pieced together -- from the fabric selection to cutting out the pattern and finally sewing them together.

This range is intended to remind us of all that is passed between generations. It’s also designed to provide small batch, limited edition goods that are heirlooms for your own family- passed onto your children, nieces and nephews and their children. In a world of Amazon, quick shipping, quick buying-- so much joy and remembrance is found in heirlooms.

It’s so special to us that Carole and her daughter Kerrie are the ones who sat to make these aprons-- each one, handmade by her. It feels special to us that we can have a piece in time, a piece of Carole’s generation, her story, her heart.

100% cotton. Cold machine wash and line dry. Reversible.

Read more about the maker, Carole in our Journal.

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