Lunar Incense

Lunar Incense


3 unique, specifically crafted blends of incense to nurture you throughout each phase of the lunar cycle.

The 3 native Australian Essential Oil blends for the lunar cycle incense were intuitively created by Earthess Alice Boyd with the intention to inspire a conscious ritual to check in daily with ourselves and to acknowledge the influence of the greater cosmos...which are always at play. In doing so, we allow the aromatics that have been intentionally chosen, to play their part in softening and nurturing our energy fields at each stage of the lunar cycle. 

New Moon - 7 mustard sticks - 
Anticipation, initiation, moving forward. 

Fragonia. Sandalwood. White Cypress. Zest Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle. Honey Myrtle. Lemon Ironbark. 

Full Moon - 7 redochre sticks - Collaboration, ideas coming into fruition, deeper insight. 

Wattle. Sandalwood. Niauli. Kunzea. 

Ritual - 14 olive sticks - Still the mind, quieten the body, witness the inner world. 

Buddahwood. Blue Cypress. White Cypress. Sandalwood. 

Use the New and Full Moon sticks on the day of exact alignment and 3 days either side. The remaining ritual sticks are to be enjoyed for everyday ceremonial use.

Leith Masters was invited by the Earthess to shares her expertise in hand-rolling this incense. Leith has over 20 years experience hand-rolling her own incense range Twelve Tribes (est. 1994) which is still available today. Leith is also a professional astrologist who is both deeply intuitive and a highly compassionate, wise reader.

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