Hearty Mug

Hearty Mug


A beautiful handmade ceramic mug, each completely unique and one of a kind made by Alice and Amy in the beautiful Margaret River. Each mug reflects an array of grounding tones and some are imprinted with native plants and leaves from Alice’s property.

Each mug also comes with a sacred geometry wax wrap. The artwork on these wax wraps are mandala art from the walls of Alice’s daughter's bedroom and her friend Peta’s daughter’s bedroom. They are sacred geometry portals. Wax wraps were selected instead of keep cup style lids, ‘cos - not to be had on the run.

The message of the mug is..

"I have been made with intention. 

Just for you. 

To sit. To be. 

To open up the decisiveness of your heart. 

To remember your own unique gifts."

As each mug has been beautifully wrapped and remains unopened, you don’t choose a mug - a mug chooses you.

PLEASE NOTE: The mugs are rather large. No two are the same so sizes vary, but they all fill up to 500mL of liquid. The mugs are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

These ceramics are handmade and hand decorated and are all 100% unique - no two mugs are the same. These irregularities are due to the creative and handmade process, and represent the creative expressions of the maker, thus enhancing the beauty, individuality and personal feel in each piece.

Great care is taken to ensure that ceramics are made using non-toxic, food-safe Australian clays and glazes.

Read more about the makers, Alice and Amy in our Journal.

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