Divine Mother Calibrator Spray

Divine Mother Calibrator Spray


This alchemical collaboration suspends the resonance of the Sacred Feminine in a unique hand-formulated vibrational mist that combines a blend of the finest floral waters and exquisite rose absolutes infused with The Codes of the Divine Mother.

Simple, Practical, Really Awesome and YES (I'll have more of that, please).

Quite simply, this spray resets the energy of people and spaces. It’s a vibrational elixir laced with gorgeous pure rose and other snazzy essential oils so that the smell itself is a glorious treat-- but the true kicker is the vibrational remedy. It’s pretty impossible to walk this Earth and never encounter energies that feel yuck. Sometimes we are the energy that feels yuck, let’s be real. We spray the recalibrator to maintain our energy frequency.

Moira Mac, Founder of The Codes of Life and Dee Light, CEO of Manifesto of Light have collaborated to create this high-frequency product exclusively for the Earthess Community. This heart-opening Earthess Calibrator is the most simple, practical and delicious way to elevate your personal frequency.

Housed in violet-glass bottles that preserve and protect its bio-resonant properties, the Divine Mother Spray activates the potency of the Sacred Feminine Principle and grounds it through your heart to Mother Earth.

Ingredients: Rose and Orange Floral Waters, 100% pure and natural essential oils of Rose Damascena Absolute and Rose Damascena Otto, The Divine Mother Codes.

Made from local and imported ingredients.

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