Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What is The Earthess Co?

The Earthess Co is a hearty, nourishing and beautiful space for the Earthesses of the world to play online and in person in a safe community environment.

Co is standing for collective, community, collaboration, conversation, and contribution.

+ How can I be involved with The Earthess Co?

We have 4 main offerings:

The Earthess Co Village App - online community

A safe environment of women supporting women to share rich conversations and navigate the things we can’t talk about anywhere else. This app is for the woman craving a community that feels natural to be in and somewhere homey to settle.

The Gift Emporium - online store

The Gift Emporium features products handmade by artisans across the world. Hand crafted slowly and intentionally for you. Beautiful things you hold in your hand to remind you of life's simple luxury, the timelessness of craft, and most importantly… your centre.

Village Gathers and Retreats - in person events

We gather, because in a world where we can have donuts delivered to our house in 5 minutes, connecting in the flesh is one of life’s greatest treasures. Our village is a real life village. We have an online home for it for connecting between countries, but this is all about real life gathering. Picnics in the park, cups of tea, homemade scones, a luxe night away, wine and cheese , hearty conversations , making new friends, pottery, cooking, all the good stuff . No whiteboards or power points, no guru’s, no agendas! Sound Fun?

Earthess Directory - online business directory

Imagine a little village that has everything you need. The local jeweller, book shop, dress maker, jam maker , the local hairdresser… But it’s an Earthess village. There are people who create sustainable baby clothes, maybe a chocolatier, a graphics gal and a badass healer or bookkeeper. All aligned , all supporting each other in one flourishing Ecosystem.

+ I have a super cool and unique product that would be perfect for the Artisan Collection in the Gift Emporium. How can we chat about it?

We are always looking to connect with Artisan makers and would love to chat with you. Email with subject line ‘Artisan Collection Product Proposal’ and tell us about your super cool and unique product!

+ I want to share a wisdom offering, my story, a meditation, a yoga practice or something else in the Earthess Co Village App that I know the Village community would absolutely love! How can we chat about it?

Email with what you have in mind and we can take it from there!

+ How can I feature my business in the Directory?

Email with some info on who you are, your business and offerings and we can take it from there!