Velvet Journal

This beautiful notebook is your daily reminder to let your everyday be lush, to let your life be hearty and to put all that you find pleasure in, first. 

  • A4 size
  • 200 Pages 
  • 130gsm plain (unlined) paper
  • Soft blush pink European Velvet cover
  • Rose gold debossing
  • 10 Printed pages with love letters and little reminders
  • Handmade in Australia with love by passionate artisans
  • Limited edition
  • Pre-order due to ship late February 
  • Everything The Earthess Co creates for you is with the intention of bringing beauty and heartiness to your life.

    Hearty, not floaty. Like a homemade cake and a three-hour long conversation with your girlfriend. Like the beanie that your Nanna knitted for your newborn. Like a slow-cooked meal with your family on a rainy Sunday. Like a handwritten thank you note and a flower picked from the garden....remember how good it feels? ...Hearty.

    An heirloom, that can be passed on for generations.


    The Artisan

    A note from the Artisan

    I am Christian, the Owner of Abbey Group in Syndey, a family-owned business started in 1986 by my father, Ian. As a result of my passion for Australian manufacturing and my belief in innovation, I am constantly striving to improve our services and push the limits of our technology. I started with Abbey on the shop floor in 1988, I went off to do my trade as a Fitter & Turner, returned to the business to help out after the recession.

    Our expertise and Abbey Group’s success is the result of a lifelong passion from all of our wonderful 16 staff members. 

    This lovely Journal is handmade and most importantly, its 100% Australian Made.

    The book pages are printed on a 130gsm textured vellum paper. The European covering material, Silsuede, is hand glued and folded into a book cover supported by the thick recycled board. Covers are individually debossed in a rose gold foil print, then each book is glued by hand.

    Velvet Journal

    Lunar Incense

    3 unique, specifically crafted blends to nurture you throughout each phase of the lunar cycle.

    New Moon - 7 mustard sticks - Anticipation, initiation, moving forward. 

    Fragonia. Sandalwood. White Cypress. Zest Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle. Honey Myrtle. Lemon Ironbark. 

    Full Moon - 7 redochre sticks - Collaboration, ideas coming into fruition, deeper insight. 

    Wattle. Sandalwood. Niauli. Kunzea. 

     Ritual - 14 olive sticks - Still the mind, quieten the body, witness the inner world. 

    Buddahwood. Blue Cypress. White Cypress. Sandalwood. 

    Use the New and Full Moon sticks on the day of exact alignment and 3 days either side. The remaining ritual sticks are to be enjoyed for everyday ceremonial use.


    The 3 native Australian Essential Oil blends for the lunar cycle incense were intuitively created by Earthess Alice Boyd with the intention to inspire a conscious ritual to check in daily with ourselves and to acknowledge the influence of the greater cosmos...which are always at play. In doing so, we allow the aromatics that have been intentionally chosen, to play their part in softening and nurturing our energy fields at each stage of the lunar cycle. 

    Leith Masters was invited by the Earthess to shares her expertise in hand-rolling this incense. Leith has over 20 years experience hand-rolling her own incense range Twelve Tribes (est. 1994) which is still available today. Leith is also a professional astrologist who is both deeply intuitive and a highly compassionate, wise reader. 


    Lunar Incense

    Divine Mother Calibrator Spray

    Divine Mother Calibrator Spray

    This alchemical collaboration suspends the resonance of the Sacred Feminine in a unique hand-formulated vibrational mist that combines a blend of the finest floral waters and exquisite rose absolutes infused with The Codes of the Divine Mother.

    Simple, Practical, Really Awesome and YES (I'll have more of that, please )

    Moira Mac, Founder of The Codes of Life and Dee Light, CEO of Manifesto of Light have collaborated to create this high-frequency product exclusively for the Earthess Community. This heart-opening Earthess Calibrator is the most simple, practical and delicious way to elevate your personal frequency.

    Housed in violet-glass bottles that preserve and protect its bio-resonant properties, the Divine Mother Spray activates the potency of the Sacred Feminine Principle and grounds it through your heart to Mother Earth.



    Rose and Orange Floral Waters,
    100% Pure & Natural essential oils of
    Rose Damascena Absolute and
    Rose  Damascena Otto,
    The Divine Mother Codes.
    Made from local and imported ingredients.
    Moira Mac is the founder of The Codes of Life, an alchemist and creatrix of The Codes of Life Elixirs, a suite of exquisite high-frequency tinctures of liquid consciousness that vibrate at a minimum of 528Hz and are aligned with the template for the original human blueprint.
    Divine Mother Calibrator Spray

    home. Everyday Luxe Face Oil






    Delicate & lush everyday face oil to nourish your senses.

    Manifesto of Light is a 5D company, housing the world's most rare and high-frequency essential oils. Their perfumer, Clive Newland takes a no-compromise approach to blending, sourcing only the finest aromatic treasures on the planet. With over three decades of aromatic blending skills, Newland, supported by his partner Deirdre Light, created this bespoke blend with PK as his muse. A daily lush celebration of the very best Nature has to gift, to bring the Earthess community home to themselves.
    Ingredients - 100% Pure & Natural essential oils of Sandalwood, Nerolina, Bergamot, Neroli, Everlast, Fragonia, Sweet Marjoram, Kunzea, Jasmine, Geranium and Spikenard in a base of cold pressed hazelnut, jojoba and rosehip oils. Made from local and imported ingredients.
    home. Everyday Luxe Face Oil

    I Am Earthess Manifesto

    I am Earthess Manifesto. 297 x 210mm / A4, printed onto 215gsm white felt card

    Postage. Prints will be packaged and sent in a cardboard mailer envelope.

    Read the full manifesto here.


    I Am Earthess Manifesto

    Earthess Tea

    An intentionally chosen blend of botanicals.
    For Beauty.
    For Alchemy.
    For Enjoyment
    For You.

    Goji Berries - Boosts immune system, Adaptogen; Promote happiness
    Lemongrass - Aids digestion, boosts immunity; Enhances clairvoyance and psychic gifts
    Tulsi - Purifies, balances, heals; Enriches Divine awareness and wisdom. Heart opener
    Ginger - Strengthen immunity, reduce stress; Promotes inner power and abundance
    Calendula - Anti-inflammatory, menstrual support; Comforter of heart and spirit
    Lemon Myrtle - Weight management, enhances concentration; Uplifting yet soothing
    Rose Petals - Digestive and menstrual health; Opens heart, promotes self-love and inner beauty
    Blue Cornflower - Anti-inflammatory, digestive health, liver function; Enhances psychic abilities, promotes fertility and abundance

    Serving instructions: Steep 1 tsp per 200ml in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. For a stronger brew, steep for up to 7 minutes. Serve without milk.

    Weight - 50g 

    Ingredients - Goji Berries, Lemongrass, Tulsi, Ginger, Calendula, Lemon, Myrtle, Rose Petals, Blue Cornflower.

    Earthess Tea

    Hearty Mug

    Handmade Mug, each completely unique and one of a kind. 

    Sacred geometry wax wrap. The artwork on these wax wraps are mandala art from the walls of Pk’s daughter and Alice’s daughter's bedrooms. They’re sacred geometry portals. Alice created wax wraps instead of keep cup style lid, cos : not to be had on the run

    "I have been made with intention.

    Just for you.

    To sit. To be.

    To open up the decisiveness of your heart.

    To remember your own unique gifts."


    SIZES  Our mugs are rather large. No two are the same so sizes vary, but they are roughly all Large and fill up to 500ml 


    Microwave & dish washer safe

    World wide shipping available


    Please note: The Earthess Co ceramics are handmade & hand decorated, and all 100% unique - no two mugs the same. These irregularities are due to the creative & handmade process, & represent the creative expressions of the maker, thus enhancing the beauty, individuality & personal feel in each piece.

    Great care is taken to ensure that The Earthess Co ceramics are made using non-toxic, food safe Australian clays & glazes.


    Hearty Mug


    A beautiful foiled rose gold bookmark on white linen card.

    "It’s time for me to receive 

    to laugh the same way 

    flowers do 

    to be nourished 

    the same way I nourish 

    everyone and everything I touch."

    - Excerpt from I Am Earthess Manifesto


    Earthess Giftcard

    Gift Cards are beautiful gifts to give.

    You can use the gift card to purchase any of the items in the Earthess Website, from the emporium or gathering & workshops.

    How to redeem the Gift Card - When making a purchase in your store, a you can redeem the value of a gift card by entering its unique code at checkout. A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order. 

    Earthess Giftcard