Jessy May

04 September 2018

Jess is our very own Earthess’s 5D Business Alchemist, dedicated to high vibing, creative and effortless ways of doing business. She works on transmuting energies to higher frequencies whilst having her feet firmly planted on the ground. For Jess business allows time for all that your soul requires. Space for expansion, openness, enjoyment, growth, laughter, joy, connection, balance and time to stop and just be! It has no limits on what can be manifested or achieved when one is looking after the whole self and working in partnership with the energies you are channelling. “Business at this level is like conducting an orchestra or painting a beautiful piece of art. I can see all the musicians and I bring them together to make magic happen”. Jess expresses her softness and deep heart connection to Mother Earth and the plant world through the joy of cooking delicious food with organic- grown produce and spices. She is the founder of Love My Earth a Organic range of spices and meal bases. She is all about bringing the joy back into our lives through re-connecting and re-aligning by doing things that make us feel nourished and bring us joy.

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