Dee Light

05 August 2018

About Dee Light

The Founder of The Gorgeous Revolution, author of the book of the same name, and TEDX speaker,
Dee is here to liberate our thighs, our bellies, our brow and bring elevated, languid pleasure and
grace back to our bodies so we can revel in their innate wisdom and remember who we really are.
As an ambassador for the Venusian principles of beauty, grounded pleasure and transformation,
Dee’s own company, Manifesto of Light, is dedicated to high frequency aromatic treasures created
by her perfumer husband, Clive Newland. As his muse, Dee’s body has been the recipient of some
potently grounding and sensual aromatics, that have changed the way she views herself in profound
Not one to shy away from difficult topics, Dee’s delivery is light, straightforward, humorous, and
provoking. And yet comforting…and she is delighted to be a part of The Earthess community.