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Once you’re in you’ll have access to over 60 hours of wisdom offerings to watch, relaxing tunes and meditations to listen to, and most importantly be immersed in a safe environment of women supporting women to share rich conversations and navigate the things we can’t talk about anywhere else. 

This app is for the woman craving a community that feels natural to be in and somewhere homey to settle. 


$9.99 USD per month

$13.99 AUD per month

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The community. Hearty, brilliant women (just like you) from around the world all in one place. This is your place to share your images, thoughts and questions in a safe space. This is where you’ll find therich conversations.

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Real wisdom and information shared by women for women. Think the convo topics you can’t openly have on Facey or Insta. The hard won wisdom and knowledge from the underground, from experience, humble knowledge… not with an agenda or from mainstream. Over 60 hours of past wisdom offerings for you to relax and watch with a cuppa. Plus new wisdom offerings being shared every month, including monthly hot topics and movement classes.

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For when you close your eyes. Relaxing tunes, calming meditations and our seasonal podcast topics to listen to.

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Easily connect and chat with other women. Add a bio and location to your profile to make it easy for other women to find you.



The Earthess Co Village App is simply a space for you.

We invite you to be a part of this space if you’re craving a community and want a more hearty, intentional and fulfilling relationship with your digital communities.


$9.99 USD per month

$13.99 AUD per month