The world of the Earthess co is:

Hearty, not fluffy.
Moving to lifes natural rhythms and bathing in simple luxuries.
A supportive village, a resting place.

We meet up at Hearty Gatherings
We stay connected in our app The Earthess Village.
We sell beautiful artisan treasures through our Emporium.

Earthess Gather

We gather, because in a world where we can have donuts delivered to our house in 5 minutes, connecting in the flesh is one of lifes greatest treasures.

The Earthess Village

The Earthess Village: Hearty. Comfy. Cozy. Cared for. Supportive. Restful. Soothing. Generous. Exciting. Real. Natural (and funny).
A resting place. A place of hearty conversation and mutual support. A place of natural rhythm, and nice surprise.
(Not to be confused with personal development space or a community reliant on input from one person/teacher).

We are currently tending to the ecology of our village. Doors are temporarily closed while we do this. Pop your name down if you want to be send an email when we’re ready to welcome you! In the meantime, touch and taste the earthess through the emporium or come to a real life gathering. XX

Earthess Emporium

Limited edition, small batch items only. Beautiful things you hold in your hand to remind you of lifes simple luxury, of the timelessness of craft, and most importantly… your centre.